Available in several different types

A dear friend


A doll for playing, to feel comfort with, and to indentify with. Also to use as educational tool.

The dolls are designed by Tina Tombrock-Otto. With a lot of care she designed a doll with the external characteristics of Down Syndrome.

The dolls have a length of 42 cm. (18"). The head, arms and legs are made from soft vinyl. The cotton body is filled with soft synthetic material. The doll and the clothing can be washed on 30ÂșC.


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To compose the doll you wish we offer the following options:

  1. Light, light brown tanned or middle brown tanned skin
  2. mouth open or closed
  3. color of the hair: blond, dark brown, auburn, red, and black (only in combination with tanned skin)
  4. length of the hair: short (6 cm), half long (9 cm), and long (18 cm)
  5. several clothing

The doll can be chosen with clothing of your preference

To Order

A doll can be ordered at info@downsyndroompoppen.nl or by phone +31 597 850795

The cost of a doll included clothing:
€ 42,50 a piece + € 7,50 handling/postal delivery in the Netherlands (up to 10 kg or 20 Pounds)
€ 42,50 a piece + € 9,- handling/postal delivery in the EU (up to 2 kg or 4 Pounds)
€ 42,50 a piece + € 25,- handling/postal delivery outside the EU (up to 2 kg or 4 Pounds)

Extra clothing can be ordered for € 12,50 per set (delivery included)

Mail the properties of your chosen doll with the code of the clothing
(Click here for a large picture with codes)


The doll will be send as soon as the payment is received. Bankingcosts are always for buyer. We accept Visa and Mastercard.

banknumber: NL17 INGB 0003 7699 10
t.n.v. S. Makkinje
B.L. Tijdenskanaal West 1
9566 PB Veelerveen
The Netherlands
+31 597 850795

For payments abroad use:
IBAN: NL17 INGB 0003 7699 10

Sandra Makkinje - info@downsyndroompoppen.nl